Smells like good times.

Remember that amazing-smelling lip balm you had when you were a kid? Well this is the grown-up version.

When I was a kid, I found a strawberry champagne flavored lip balm in a little novelty shop.

You know, the kind of shop with ridiculous gifts, like birthday candles that won’t blow out, or a travel-sized disco ball for your car? I think I paid $10 for it… and this was a million years ago, so I think that equates to like $25 in real money today.

I loved that stupid lip balm. I already had a ton of lip balms, but every time I smelled this one, I was transported to some place much better than wherever the hell I currently was.

Of course, it was probably made with a bunch of toxic nonsense from god-knows-where, but kid me wasn’t exactly hip to reading ingredient lists yet. All I knew was that this little pocket-sized wonder inexplicably made me feel happy every time I smelled it.

Those who know me, know that I created and ran a clean beauty brand for over a decade.

My production team and I low-key worked on these lip balms years before I ever considered exiting my first company. And all of us obsessively used our first prototypes. Straight up, “where the hell’s my almond biscotti?!” empty-the-purse-in-the-middle-of-the-bar kind of obsessive.

Have you ever actually used-up an entire lip balm before? Because we have.

Smell is absolutely everything, and it’s for everyone.

Thanks to our olfactory system (that thing that processes smell) being super close to the part of our brains that store long-term memories, smell can unlock amazing feelings. Certain smells can make you feel happy, relaxed, or even transport you back to that time you drank too much Jäger when you were 20 (probably a less happy memory).

Brand values that aren't just for show.

None of this green-washing nonsense. We work with high-functioning, clean ingredients that are ethically and sustainably-sourced.

Obviously, we never test on animals (I wish people would stop touting that as some big achievement, it’s just about the bare minimum).

And not only are our products made here in the USA (from global ingredients, sourced ethically), our packaging is made here as well. All of it.

Above all else, this brand is my love letter to all of the people who could use a break.

The people out there hustling, dealing with challenges every day, and choosing to push through. I hope these products bring a smile to your face.

XO, Em (Founder & CEO)