Happiness that fits in your pocket.

Smell can unlock amazing feelings and help alleviate stress and anxiety. That's why we've created the ultimate lip balms that smell like the things you love most. They're ultra-moisturizing, plus made with clean ingredients, sourced sustainably and ethically.


Pick your favorites! Pick the ones you hate! Whatever makes you happy.

Build a custom 6-pack of lip balms and save, plus get a FREE keepsake drawstring bag!

Build Your Bundle
Animated gif of the EXOH smiley icon created out of lip balms, winking.

Aromatherapy, minus the pretense.

Look, lip balm isn't gonna fix your life, or make Twitter comments less stupid, or make your boss stop micro-managing you... but this lip balm smells so good that it might just make you smile!

So take a quick trip to a better vibe. Let's keep those lips hydrated, and that anxiety at bay. At least for a moment.

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