We just wanna make you smile.

Remember that amazing-smelling lip balm you had when you were a kid? Well this is the grown-up version. Made with clean ingredients, certified cruelty-free, plus it smells like the things you love most.

Animated gif of the EXOH smiley icon created out of lip balms, winking.

Scent-therapy, minus the pretense.

Look, lip balm isn't gonna fix your life, or make Twitter comments less stupid, or make your boss stop micro-managing you... but this lip balm smells so good that it might just make you smile!

So take a quick trip to a better vibe. Let's keep those lips hydrated, and that anxiety at bay. At least for a moment.

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  • This is seriously my new favorite lip balm ever, smells exactly like cherry cola 🍒

    Breanna R.

    Cherry Bomb

  • Bought this for my brother's birthday and it was so good I ended-up buying a ton of other lip balms including this one for myself!

    Michelle V.

    I'm Not Dead Yet

  • Feels amazing and smells even better!! I seriously catch myself smelling this all day long!

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